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Private hostel (48, 10€, March to November) Santo Tomás de Canterbury on Avenida La Lastrathe, left off the Camino shortly after entering the city, signposted. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Café / restaurant. Modern facilities. Also private rooms. Website alberguesantotomas.com Tel 987 392 626 Open 10:00 Book here!
Private hostel (40, 10€) Albergue Check In, on the Camino before the city centre, on Avenida Alcalde Miguel Castaño. Laundry facilities, microwaves. Spacious and modern. Website checkinleon.es Tel 686 956 896 Open 10:00 Book here!
Private hostel (146, 10€) Albergue Ademar / San Francisco de Asís on Avenida Alcalde Miguel Castaños, at Plaza Santa Ana follow Avenida Castaño rather than the Camino. It's on the left after 300m. Laundry facilities (free). In a slightly grim student halls of residence. Tel 987 215 060 Open 08:30
Convent hostel (132, 6€ with breakfast) Albergue del Monasterio de las Benedictinas / la Carbajalas, turn right 100m after passing the city wall on to Called Escurial, on Plaza Santa Maria. Laundry facilities. Mass and pilgrim blessing. The original pilgrim hostel in León. Website www.alberguesleon.com Tel 680 649 289 Open 11:00
Private hostel (65, 12€, March to October) Albergue Muralla Leonesa, from Las Benedictinas continue straight then turn right into Calle los Castañones, on Calle Tarifa. Laundry facilities. Website alberguemurallaleonesa.com Tel 987 177 873 Open 12:00 Book here!
Private hostel (20, 20€) Hostel Río Cea, turn left where the Camino turns right on to Calle Ancha, it's on the square on the left before the roundabout, Plaza de Santo Domingo. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Breakfast. Also private rooms. Tel 636 946 294  Book here!
Private hostel (20, 18€) Albergue León, on Calle Ancha on the Camino just after Café Valor, 1st floor. Kitchen. Tel 987 079 907  Book here!
Private hostel (86, 10€, July to August) Albergue Unamuno, on Calle San Pelayo. Student halls of residence. Laundry facilities. Restaurant. No curfew. Recently renovated. Website www.residenciaunamuno.com Tel 987 233 010

León is a major city with all facilities to be found along the path of the Camino. The Camino is waymarked by yellow arrows and metal shells set into the ground. It continues in the same direction until an abrupt right turn on to Calle Ancha which brings you up to the cathedral. From here it zigzags past the city's major sites until it leaves the city centre over the footbridge beside Hostal de San Marcos. Tourist Information opposite the entrance to the cathedral. Supermarkets, Mercadona and Dia on the Camino on the way into town, in the centre Carrefour on Calle Ancha. 24h Pharmacy and internet café on Avenida Ordoño II, left where the Camino turns right on Calle Ancha. Fiestas the patron saints of León are San Juan and San Pedro whose festival takes places at the end of June with street theatre and the usual mayhem, La Palomera 16 July, San Froilán 4 October with a medieval street festival with costumes, music, food, donkeys, camels, owls, everything medieval basically.

Other accommodation options

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Abad San Antonio

AC Hotel Leon San Antonio, a Marriott Lifestyle Hotel

Acogedor ático en el centro /City center penthouse

Albergue Muralla Leonesa

Albergue Peregrinos San Francisco de Asis

Albergue Santo Tomás de Canterbury

Alda Centro León

Alojamientos Río Cares

Apartahotel Siglo XXI

Apartament Marta

Apartamento Conde de León Céntrico

Apartamento Conde Luna

Apartamento El Cielo de Jesi

Apartamento en el casco histórico con vistas a la muralla

Apartamento junto a la Plaza Mayor, pleno centro.

Apartamento La Cenicienta

Apartamento La Cenicienta Catedral

Apartamento Lily

Apartamento Santa Cruz

Apartamento Torre de León

Apartamento Valdivia

Apartamento Viva León

Apartamento Viva León 2

Apartamentos Barbadiel

Apartamentos Inloft

Apartamentos Law Leon

Apartamentos León

apartamentos mata7

Apartamentos Plaza Mayor

Apartamentos Puerta Moneda

Apartamentos Turisticos ARCH

Apartamentos Turisticos Puerta de León

Aparthotel Exe Campus San Mamés

Apartment Calle Miguel Ángel

Apartment Calle Sobarriba

Atico moderno Plaza Mayor

Atico plaza San Martín/plaza mayor

C.Luna City House

Calle San Rafael

Casa Goyo León en Plaza Santo Domingo

Casa Miguel & Sally

Casas Rurales Valle do Seo

Centro Plaza Guzman

Check In León

Corral de Villapérez

Dehesa La Cenia

Disfruta León a pie

Duplex Cantareros

El 8 de Serranos

El Mirador del Rey

El rincón de Yeyo

Entrevias - Lodging and Another Apartments in Leon

Eurostars León

FC Infantas de León

Globetrotter Hostel


Goyahospitales. es___Bajo D

Hospederia Fernando I

Hospedería Monástica Pax

Hospederia Rincon De Leon

Hostal ** EC León

Hostal Albany

Hostal Albany Ancha

Hostal Alda Casco Antiguo

Hostal Alvarez

Hostal Bayón

Hostal Cerecedo

Hostal Don Suero

Hostal Guzmán El Bueno

Hostal Londres

Hostal Misericordia

Hostal Orejas

Hostal Padre Isla 1

Hostal Pozo

Hostal Prada Borges

Hostal Quevedo

Hostal Restaurante Boccalino

Hostal San Martin

Hostal San Miguel

Hostal Sol Naciente

Hostel Covent Garden

Hostel Urban Rio Cea

Hotel Alda Barrio Humedo

Hotel Conde Luna

Hotel La Posada Regia

Hotel Quindós

Hotel Real Colegiata San Isidoro

Hotel Riosol

Hotel Sercotel Alfonso V

Hotel Spa Paris

Hotel Spa QH Centro León

Hotel Via Leon

Housing León - Catedral

Housing León - Cruz Roja

Housing León - Luxury Etheria

Housing León - Muralla

Ideal Grupos Grandes Barrio Húmedo

La Casina del Cerecedo

La Casita de León

La Falamosa

La Madriguera Hostel

La Posada del Grifo


Las Vidrieras

Le Petit León

Leon Apartamento Centro


Leon centro espacio vias renueva

Leon Hostel

Leon Riverside Flat

LEÓN SUITE Urban Studios

Los Cazurros

Mis Negritos

Nama Atico

Nama Barrio

Nama Galeria

Nama Plaza Mayor

NG Plaza Mayor

NH Collection León Plaza Mayor

Norte Suite Boutique

Oak House

Pensión Blanca B&B

Pensión Las Fuentes, 1

Pensión Sandoval

Piso Avenida

Piso en el húmedo, al lado plaza mayor

Piso Madrazo

piso nuevo moderno

Piso Parques Centrico

Piso San Rafael

Principia Suites

Purple Dog Suites

RF Home Plaza Mayor

Sabor rural en plena ciudad

Santiago León

Silken Luis de León

Suite Cantarranas Iglesia San Martín

Suite Rua 11

Suites Cantarranas Calle Ancha

Suites Catedral de Leon

Sweet Home Corte Ingles 10-B


Tryp Leon Hotel

Tu Piso La Plaza Mayor

Vivienda de uso turístico La Rubiana

Vivienda de uso turístico Peña Vieja


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