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Private hostel (20, 10€, April to September) El Peregrino, left on the Camino at a roundabout. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Tel 640 072 753
Private hostel (35, 15€, March to October)
Albergue Puerta de Nájera, after crossing the river it's on the right. Laundry facilities, microwaves. Cramped dorms. Website alberguedenajera.com Tel 941 362 317 Open 11:00
Private Hostel (10, 8€, Easter to October) Albergue de Peregrinos La Judería after the bridge turn left on to Calle Mayor, continue on this until it becomes Calle San Marcial and it's on the right. Basic. Café / restaurant a few minutes walk away, which does a pilgrim menu. Tel 941 361 138
Private hostel (19, 15€, April to October) Albergue Nido de Cigüiña, hidden away in the old part of town, signposted from the Camino, on Calleja Cuarta San Miguel. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Run by Russian pilgrims. Website alberguenajera.es Tel 611 095 191 Open 13:00
Municipal Hostel (80, donativo) Albergue de Peregrinos de Nájera, cross the river and turn left until you see it on your right, on Plaza de Santiago. Kitchen. All beds in one dorm. Open 13:00
Private hostel (11, 10€) Las Peñas, on the Camino on the right at the end of the town. Breakfast. Tel 621 209 432 Open 12:00

Nájera is a big town with all services. There are two supermarkets open all day and Sunday morning, and a pharmacy on the Camino on the way into town. Open-air market by the river every Thursday. Mesón El Buen Yantar, on Calle Mártires, does an excellent menú de peregrinos. Fiestas San Juan y San Pedro 24-29 June, San Juan Mártir y Santa Maria la Real 16-19 September with bulls and paella competitions.

Other accommodation options

(NOTE: check the location carefully, some accommodation is not on the Camino)

Apartamentos NájeraApartamentos Vino y CaminoHostal Ciudad de NájeraHostal HispanoHotel Duques de NajeraPensión Calle MayorPensión San LorenzoSan Fernado 100

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