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San Lázaro

Xunta (80, 10€ for the first night and 7€ thereafter) Residencia de Peregrino San Lázaro, after the 2nd motorway bridge and then after the next roundabout, on the right behind the Museo Pedagógico. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Deservedly popular albergue. Max three nights. Tel 981 571 488 Open 09:00

Parochial (110, 9€, Easter to September) Fin del Camino, left of the Camino at Rúa de Roma, on Rúa Moscova. Laundry facilities, microwaves. Tel 981 587 324 Open 11:30

Private (40, 12€) Albergue Santo Santiago, on the Camino on the right. Laundry facilities. Website www.elsantosantiago.com Tel 657 402 403 Open 09:00

Private (70, 12€, March to November) Albergue Acuario, to the left of the Camino down a flight of steps shortly after Albergue Santo Santiago. On the ground floor of a block of flats. Friendly, welcoming albergue with a moderate hippie vibe and helpful staff. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Midnight curfew. Website acuariosantiago.com Tel ??? Open 09:00

Private (32, 14€) Albergue Monterrey, on the right on the Camino, on Rúa das Fontiñas. Laundry facilities, microwaves. Website alberguemonterrey.es Tel 655 484 299 Open 11:30

Private (36, 14€, March to November) Albergue Turistico la Credencial, on the Camino on the right. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Positive reports. Website www.lacredencial.es Tel 639 966 704 Open 12:00

Private (24, 16€) Albergue SCQ, on the Camino on the left. Kitchen, laundry facilities. New in 2019. Tel 622 037 300 Open 09:30

Private (40, 20€, February to November) Albergue SIXTOs no Caminho, on the Camino on the left. Kitchen, laundry facilities. New in 2019. Website www.alberguesixtos.com Tel ??? Open 11:00 Curfew 23:00

San Lázaro has all facilities. The café of Hotel San Lázaro does food and is open for breakfas, it's on the Camino on the right.

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