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Xunta hostel (56, 6€) Albergue de Triacastela, to your left as you enter the town. Laundry facilities. A bit run-down. Tel 982 548 087 Open 13:00
Private Hostel (12, 9€) Albergue Lemos, just off the Camino to the right. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Also private rooms. Website www.pensionalberguelemos.com Tel 677 117 238 Open 11:00 Book here!
Private Hostel (14, 9€, Easter to October) Albergue A Horta de Abel, on the Camino on the right. In a nicely restored stone house. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Good reports. Website albergueahortadeabel.com Tel 608 080 556 Open 12:00
Private Hostel (20, 9€, February to November) Albergue Atrio, on the Camino on the right. Kitchen, Laundry facilities. Café / restaurant. Breakfast. Also private rooms. Tel 982 548 488
Private Hostel (27, 9€) Albergue Oribio, on the main road to the right of the Camino. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Café / restaurant. Tel 982 548 085
Private Hostel (45, 9€) Complexo Xacobeo. In a modern building on your left. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Café / restaurant. Breakfast. Website complexoxacobeo.com Tel 982 548 037  Book here!
Private Hostel (44, 8€, April to October) Albergue Aitzenea, down a street to the right near the main road. Kitchen, laundry facilities. In a nice old stone house. Website www.aitzenea.com Tel 982 548 076 Open 10:00
Private Hostel (26, 8€) Albergue Berce do Camiño, on the Camino on the right. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Tel 982 548 127

Cafés, restaurants, a bank and a pharmacy off the Camino. Restaurante Complexo Xacobeo opens for breakfast and does a good Pilgrim Menu. There's a very well-stocked supermarket on the corner opposite Albergue Aitzenea (off the Camino to the right).

Other accommodation options

(NOTE: check the location carefully, some accommodation is not on the Camino)

Casa OlgaCasa SimonComplexo XacobeoHostal-Meson VilasantePensión GarciaPension-Albergue Lemos

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