Camino de Santiago Practical Preparation and Background

In Ocotber 2021 I fully updated the guide to preparing for the Camino to take account of the changes on the Camino in the last few years and especially the most recent changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following topics are covered in detail:

Covid-19 - the latest situation in Spain and how it affects the Camino. Travel restrictions, the EU Digital Covid Certificate, prospects for 2022.

Packing - what to take, or more importantly, what not to take. This is the most important part of your preparation. How to choose equipment, what to think about and watch out for when buying hiking clothes, shoes, socks and a backpack.

Health and safety - how to avoid, or if necessary, deal with blisters, bedbugs, heatstroke and other hazards of the Camino. How to access the Spanish health service and stay safe. What can you do before you leave home to help avoid disasters?

What to expect on “the Way” – What's a typical Camino day? What's it like staying in a “pilgrim hostel”? Where do you eat and what's the food like?

Communicating – how do people manage if they don't Speak Spanish? How to order food in restaurants? How to understand a typical Camino menu.

History of the Camino and of Spain - from its beginnings to its revival, what was the Camino like in the middle ages? Who walked it then? What hardships and hazards did they face?

Society, culture and environment – politics, culture and people of modern Spain.

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'This is a real mini-encyclopedia of the Camino, written in a friendly, no-nonsense way with lots of tongue-in-cheek humour... There is nothing esoteric or prescriptive about Kelly’s approach – he’s done the business and presents facts and subjective advice in a wry “take it or leave it”/“this is how it is” style: very refreshing and un-earnest!'

Confraternity of St James Quarterly Bulletin, June 2019

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