About the Camino Guide

My name is Gerald Kelly and I started this guide way back in 2008. At first it just covered the Camino Francés and was only available as a PDF document to download from my website. Things went so well that the following year I decided to publish the guide as a Kindle ebook, and the year after that as a printed book.

In the early years the guide only contained factual information about pilgrim hostels and other things that pilgrims need, but with the years it's grown. Today its core is still accurate practical information for pilgrims updated yearly while walking the Camino, complemented by maps and altitude profiles, information about historical sights, the history of the places you'll pass through, and loads more besides.

Since then all kinds of crazy things have happened.

I wrote a guide to the Vía de la Plata, the Camino which starts in Seville and takes a little over 1,000km to get to Santiago.

And another one for the little-known and wonderful Camino del Baztán which starts in Bayonne and joins the Camino Francés in Pamplona and which takes five or six days to walk.

My guide to the Camino Francés has even been translated into Croatian and is selling like hot cakes!

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