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For open albergues in winter see http://www.aprinca.com/alberguesinvierno/


Private (18,14€) Albergue La Rinconada, on the Camino on the right. Laundry facilities. Evening meal, breakfast. Private rooms.Website rinconada.net Tel 698 942 323 Open 12:00

Private (22, 13€, April to October) Albergue Orión, left off the Camino (or on it, depending which yellow arrows you follow). Kitchen, laundry facilities. Korean-themed evening meal. Private rooms. Tel 649 481 609 Open 13:00

Private (28, 12€, Easter to October) Albergue Ultreia, on the right on the Camino. Laundry facilities. Evening meal. Breakfast. In a nicely renovated bodega. Home-produced alcohol. Good reports. Private rooms. Website www.albergueultreiacastrojeriz.com Tel 640 298 817 Open 13:00

Private (25, 13€) A Cien Leguas, on the left on the Camino. Café / restaurant. Laundry facilities. Private rooms. Website www.acienleguas.es Tel 619 289 476 Open 10:00

Private (26, 10€, March to November) Casa Nostra, on the left on the Camino. Kitchen, laundry facilities. No bunks. Basic. Private rooms. Tel 633 080 623 Open 11:00

Municipal (35, 7€) San Esteban, follow the Camino to Plaza Mayor, the albergue is up steps to the right. Bright, airy, pleasant atmosphere. Donativo breakfast. Tel 679 147 056 Open 12:00

Private (25, 14€, Easter to October) Albergue Rosalía, on Calle Cordón, signposted. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Evening meal. Breakfast. In a beautiful renovated building with nice dorms with no bunks! Website www.alberguerosalia.com Tel 637 765 779 Open 12:00

Cafés, shop, bakery and bank on the Camino around Plaza Mayor. Another shop (better) further along the Camino. Also supermarket, pharmacy and several banks near the Guardia Civil, a few minutes walk south from the Plaza Mayor. Several places on the Camino do Pilgrim Menus. Fiestas, around the feast day of St John the Baptist 24 June with several days and nights of music, dancing, processions, etc. El Ajo during July weekends, festival themed around the garlic harvest. Early September El Sejo with more dancing, music, processions, etc.

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