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Mansilla de las Mulas

Private (40, 16€) El Jardín del Camino, on the right near the beginning of the town on the approach from Reliegos. Laundry facilities. Café / restaurant. Private rooms. Website www.albergueeljardindelcamino.com Tel 600 471 597 Open 12:00

Private (18, 12€) Albergue Gaia, to the left opposite Albergue El Jardín. In a nicely renovated house. Kitchen, laundry facilities. Breakfast. Opened by ex-pilgrims. Good reports. Website alberguedegaia.wordpress.com Tel 699 911 311 Open 13:00

The Municipal Albergue has closed. A replacement is planned, however there is currently no opening date.

Mansilla has all facilities. On the Camino there are shops and banks and nearby on Calle los Mesones there's a pharmacy and another bank. There's a Día supermarket on Plaza de Grano, right and then left off Calle del Puente. Several restaurants on Calle del Puente do Pilgrim Menus. Restaurante La Curiosa on Calle José Alvarez has been recommended. A café / bakery, Confiteria Alonso, on Plaza del Pozo, beside the Ayuntamiento, opens for breakfast with freshly baked pastries. Fiestas around 25 July, medieval festival with a market, jousting and witch burning. Second last Sunday in August, tomato festival, in honour of Mansilla's famous variety of tomato, with a cookery competition followed by the Tomatina when the young people of the town pelt each other (and any passing pilgrims) with tomatoes - although it is not quite on the scale of the more famous Tomatina in Valencia. Second Sunday in September, Virgen de Gracia, with a Romeria / Pilgrimage. 11 November, festival of San Martín, this is the town's oldest festival and includes a livestock mart, a market, procession of agricultural machinery, and local specialities in the restaurants.

The local speciality is bacalao al estilo mansillés / cod mansillés style which is cod in a tomato-based sauce.

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