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Refuge Municipal / Accueil Pèlerin: Open.
Beilari: Open from 15 March 2022.
Gîte de la Porte Saint-Jacques: Open.
Gîte d'Etape Makila: Open.
Gîte le Lièvre et la Tortue: Open.
Gîte Bidean: Open.
Gîte d'Etape Zuharpeta: Open.
Gîte Zazpiak-Bat: Open.
Sur le Chemin - Au Chant du Coq: Closed.
Gîte Ultreia: Open.
Gîte le Chemin vers l'Etoile: Open.
Refuge Accueil Paroissial / Maison Kaserna: Open.
Gîte Izaxulo: Open.
Gîte La Vita è Bella: Open.
Gîte Compostella: Open.
La Coquille Napoleón: Open.
Gîte Antton: Open.

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port / Donibane-Garazi

Municipal (32, 12€ breakfast included) Refuge Municipal / Accueil Pèlerin up rue de la Citadelle, near the top on the left. The historic starting point of the Camino for generations of pilgrims. Register in the Pilgrims Office a short distance down the street. Microwaves. Private rooms. Website: www.terresdenavarre.fr Open 14:00

Private (6, 20€, March to October) Gîte de la Porte Saint-Jacques, at 51 rue de la Citadelle beside the Municipal Albergue. Breakfast. Website www.giteportesaintjacques.com Tel 06 30 99 75 61 Open 14:00

Private (14, 40€ with evening meal and breakfast, April to October) Beilari, (formerly L'Esprit du Chemin) at 40 rue de la Citadelle opposite the Pilgrims Office. Communal evening meal where pilgrims introduce themselves, vegetarian options. They also do packed lunches. Very popular. Reservations on their website www.beilari.info or 05 59 37 24 68 Open 14:00

Private (8, 25€ with breakfast, March to October) Gîte d'Etape Makila, at 35 rue de la Citadelle. Laundry facilities. Private rooms. Website makila-saintjean.com Tel 06 63 10 13 46 Open 15:00

Private (13, 20€, April to October) Gîte le Lièvre et la Tortue, at 30 rue de la Citadelle. Laundry facilities. Communal evening meal. Breakfast. Tel 06 59 13 52 25 Open 16:00

Private (12, 19€, February to November) Gîte Esteban Etxea, at 29 rue de la Citatelle. Communal evening meal. Private rooms. New in 2021. Tel 06 38 22 80 05 Open 15:00

Private (11, 24€ with breakfast, April to October) Gîte Ultreia, at 8 rue de la Citadelle. Kitchen. Run by two ex-pilgrims. Private rooms. Reservations from their website: www.ultreia64.fr Tel 06 80 88 46 22 Open 15:00

Private (12, 18€) Gîte Bidean, at 11 rue d'Espagne. Breakfast. Private rooms. Tel 06 70 29 66 66 Open 15:00

Private (46, 21€, April to October) Gîte le Chemin vers l'Etoile, at 21 rue d'Espagne. Laundry facilities. Evening meal. Website: www.pelerinage-saint-jacques-compostelle.com Tel 06 70 20 82 13 Open 14:00

Parish (14, 22€ with evening meal and breakfast, April to October) Refuge Accueil Paroissial / Maison Kaserna, at 43 rue d'Espagne. Reported friendly with good food. Tel 05 59 37 65 17 Open 15:00

Private (23, 15€, March to October) Gîte d'Etape Zuharpeta, from rue de la Citadelle follow the Camino across the bridge then after about 200m turn right into rue Zuharpeta. Café / restaurant. Tel 06 21 30 03 05 Open 15:00

Private (18, 27€, March to October) Gîte Izaxulo, on avenue Renaud, on the way from the railway station, just before Place du Trinket. Laundry facilities. Breakfast. Private rooms. Tel 05 24 34 19 00 Open 15:00

Private (13, 17€ with breakfast, March to November) Gîte La Vita è Bella, on Place du Trinket. Laundry facilities. Communal evening meal. Private rooms. Tel 06 38 59 91 83 Open 15:00

Private (14, 20€, April to October) Gîte Compostella, on route d'Arnéguy, to the right after crossing the river. Kitchen. Breakfast. Private rooms. Tel 05 59 37 02 36 Open 14:00

Private (10, 20€) La Coquille Napoleón on the LEFT route of the Camino 800m from Saint-Jean. Evening meal. Breakfast. Private rooms. In a traditional Basque farm house. Website lacoquillenapoleon.simplesite.com Tel 06 62 25 99 40 Open 16:00

Private (14, 38€ with evening meal and breakfast, March to October) Gîte Antton, on the LEFT route of the Camino 1km after Saint-Jean. Evening meal. Website gite-antton.fr/en Tel 06 65 19 50 73

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port has all the facilities you're likely to need. There is a wide variety of accommodation ranging from pilgrim albergues to luxury hotels, many of which are along the steep, cobbled rue de la Citadelle, and the parallel Place du Général de Gaulle, both about a 10 minute walk from the railway station. There are also many restaurants in this area. The Pilgrims Office / Accueil St Jacques, near the top of rue de la Citadelle, provides Credenciales, information and advice on weather conditions and help finding accommodation, etc., open until 22:00 in summer. There's a Carrefour supermarket on Avenue du Jaï Alaï and a bank on rue d'Uhart. On Place du Général de Gaulle there's a Tourist Office and a pharmacy. There are also several hiking equipment shops. Restaurant Ttipia on Place Floquet does a good menu du jour (excellent confit de canard). Restaurant La Vieille Auberge - Chez Dédé on rue de la France has been recommended, it's between Place du Trinket and rue de la Citadelle.

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