Camino apps

The Camino Guide app is available for both Apple (iPhone) and Android mobile phones.

The app contains all the information (including urban and rural maps and altitude profiles) you get in the full guide specially formatted to make it quickly and easily accessible on a mobile phone or tablet computer.

The app has now been updated for 2019. The updated Android app is now available from the App Stores. Click / tap on the links below to go there. The iPhone app is on the way.


Click here to see the Apple app


Click here to see the Android app

Windows Phone

Yeah, don't get me started...

The Windows Phone App is no longer available. Thank you Microsoft.

App Technical Support

The latest version released early in 2018 has a bug which causes problems for a small number of users. This problem manifests itself in the following way:

After updating to the newest version of the app when you try to use the app again all you get is a blank screen or an error message.

Don't panic because this issue is easy to fix: just uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store. You shouldn't be charged to install the app again because once you've paid for it it's yours forever.

If this doesn't resolve the problem or if you experience any other issues you can always contact me from our Contact Page.

2019 Edition

The 2019 edition of the app was released for Androin in October 2018. The iPhone version is due in early 2019. If you already own the app then the new updated version should get sent to your phone automatically.

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