Camino Francés accommodation in 2022

This information is being updated constantly.

List below are the pilgrim hostels (albergues).

In many places alternative accommodations (hotels, guest houses, etc.) are also available. The best place to reserve these is on, you can link to directly from our online guide.

Corrections to the 2022 edition

The distance from Villavanta to Hospital de Órbigo is given in some editions of the guide as 6.6km, it's actually 4km.

The apps for Android and iPhone

In 2020 I published a new set of apps for the Camino with all the information from the printed book plus interactive, zoomable maps. They're available for Android and iPhone (Click here). An updated 2022 edition was published in May 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

For background information and infromation about Covid-19 restrictions please see Frequently Asked Questions about walking the Camino de Santiago.

Accommodation updates

NOTE: Open means operating normally, according to their normal schedule for opening. Many albergues close in winter. For example Orisson.

The author cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or information which has changed since it was posted here.

If you notice any incorrect information please let us know by sending us an email from our Contacts page.

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port / Donibane-Garazi
Refuge Municipal / Accueil Pèlerin: Open.
Beilari: Open from 15 March 2022.
Gîte de la Porte Saint-Jacques: Open.
Gîte d'Etape Makila: Open.
Gîte le Lièvre et la Tortue: Open.
Gîte Bidean: Open.
Gîte d'Etape Zuharpeta: Open.
Gîte Zazpiak-Bat: Open.
Sur le Chemin - Au Chant du Coq: Closed.
Gîte Ultreia: Open.
Gîte le Chemin vers l'Etoile: Open.
Refuge Accueil Paroissial / Maison Kaserna: Open.
Gîte Izaxulo: Open.
Gîte La Vita è Bella: Open.
Gîte Compostella: Open.
La Coquille Napoleón: Open.
Gîte Antton: Open.

Valcarlos / Luzaide
Albergue Municipal: Open. Call the number on the door.

Honto / Hontto
Auberge Ferme Ithurburia: Open.

Refuge Orisson: Open.

Albergue Borda: Open.

Roncesvalles / Roncevaux / Orreaga
Albergue de Peregrinos de Roncesvalles: Open.

Albergue Lorentx: Open.

Espinal / Aurizberri
Albergue Haizea: Open.
Albergue Irugoienea: Open.

Albergue Río Arga Ibaia: Open.
Albergue Zaldiko: Open.
El Palo de Avellano: Open.
Albergue Segunda Etapa: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Zubiri: Open.
Albergue Suseia: Open.

Albergue de peregrinos de Larrasoaña: Closed on Wednesdays.
Albergue Asteia: Closed.
Albergue San Nicolás: Open.

Parada de Zuriain: Open.

Albergue Parroquial de Zabaldika: Open from 1 July 2022.

Villava / Atarrabia
Hermanos Maristas / Trinidad de Arre: Open.
Albergue Municipal: Open.

Pamplona / Iruña
Casa Paderborn: Open.
Albergue Casa Ibarrola: Open.
Iruñako Aterpea: Open.
Plaza Catedral: Open.
Jesús y María: Open.
Hostel Ciudadela: Closed permanently.
Aloha Hostel: Open.
Albergue Xarma: Closed.

Cizur Menor
Albergue Sanjuanista: Open from 9 May.
Albergue Roncal: Will not open in 2022.

Zariquiegui / Zarikiegi
Albergue San Andrés: Closed.

Camino del Perdón: Open.
Casa Baztán: Open.

El Jardín de Muruzábal: Closed.
Albergue Mendizabal: Open.

Albergue Usda: Closed. Will not open in 2022.
Albergue Atseden: Only open for big groups in 2022.

Puente la Reina / Gares
Albergue / Hotel Jakue: Open.
Padres Reparadores: Open.
Albergue Amalur: Closed.
Albergue Puente: Open.
Albergue Estrella Guía: Open.
Santiago Apóstol: Open.

Albergue El Cantero: Closed.

Cirauqui / Zirauki
Maralotx: Open.

Lorca / Lorka
Albergue de Lorca: Open.
La Bodega del Camino: Open.

Villatuerta / Bilatorta
La Casa Mágica: Open.
Albergue Etxeurdina: Open.

Estella / Lizarra
La Hostería de Curtidores: Open.
Albergue ANFAS: Open.
Albergue Parroquial San Miguel: Open.
Albergue Ágora: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Estella: Open.
Albergue Alda: Open.
Albergue Capuchinos Rocamador: Open.
Albergue Juvenil Oncineda: Not taking pilgrims.

Ayegui / Aiegi
Albergue San Cipriano: Open.

Villamayor de Monjardín
Albergue Villamayor de Monjardín: Open.
Albergue Oasis Trails: Open.

Casa Tiago: Open.

Los Arcos
Casa de Austria: Open.
Casa de la Abuela: Open.
Isaac Santiago: Open.
Casa Alberdi: Open.

Albergue Sansol: Due to open at Easter 2022.
Palacio de Sansol: Open.
Albergue Karma: Open.

Torres del Río
Casa Mariela: Open.
La Pata de Oca: Open.

Albergue Izar: Open.
Albergue Parroquial de Viana: Open.
Alberguería Andrés Muñoz: Open.

Santiago Apóstol: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Logroño: Open.
Albergue Parroquial de Santiago: Open.
Albergue Logroño Centro: Open
Winederful Hostel: Open.
Albergue Albas: Open.
Albergue Check In Rioja: Closed.
Hostel Entresueños: Closed.
Albergue Logroño: Open.

El Camino de las Estrellas: Open.
La Casa del Peregrino Angel: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Navarrete: Open.
Albergue Buen Camino: Open.
El Cántaro: Open.
A la Sombra del Laurel: Open. Only private rooms.

San Saturnino: Open.

Albergue Puerta de Nájera: Open.
Albergue Nido de Cigüeña: No reply.
La Judería: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Nájera: Open.
Las Peñas: Open.

Albergue Municipal: Open.

La Virgen de Guadalupe: Open.
Albergue Victoria: Open.

Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Albergue del Abadía Cisterciense: May open in summer.
Casa de la Confradía del Santo: Open.

San Juan Bautista: Open.
Albergue Ave de Paso: Closed, will no reopen.
La Casa de las Sonrisas: Open.

Redecilla del Camino
Albergue Essentia: Open.
San Lázaro: Closed.

Albergue Bideluze: Open.

Viloria de la Rioja
Albergue Parada Viloria: Open.
Acacio & Orietta: Closed for building works.

A Santiago: Open.
El Corro: Open.
Refugio Parroquial de Belorado: Open.
El Caminante: Open.
Hostelpuntob: Open.
Cuatro Cantones: Open.
El Salto: Closed.

Albergue del Camino de Santiago en Tosantos: Open.
Los Arancones: Open.

Albergue San Roque: Open.

Espinosa del Camino
Albergue La Taberna: Open, ask in the bar.
La Campana: Open.
Casa Las Almas: Open.

Villafranca Montes de Oca
Albergue San Anton Abad: Open.

San Juan de Ortega
El Descanso de San Juan: Open.
Albergue del Monasterio: Open.

El Pajar de Agés: Open.
Albergue Fagus: Open.
La Taberna de Agés: Open again under new owners. 12€. Tel 616 131 376

El Peregrino: Open.
La Plazuela Verde: Open.
La Hutte: Open.

Cardeñuela Ríopico
Albergue Municipal (La Parada): Open.
Albergue Vía Minera: Open.
Albergue Santa Fe: Open.

Orbaneja Ríopico
El Peregrino: Open.

Casa de Peregrinos Emaús: Open.
Albergue de Santiago y Santa Catalina: Closed.
Hostel Catedral Burgos: Open.
Albergue Municipal de Burgos: Open.

Albergue La Fábrica: Open.
Albergue La Casa de Beli: Open.
Albergue de Tardajos: Open.

Rabé de las Calzadas
Albergue Liberanos Domine: Open.

Hornillos del Camino
De Sol a Sol: Open from 15 April 2022.
Santi Spiritus: Open from March or April.
El Alfar de Hornillos: Open.
Meeting Point: Open.
Albergue Municipal: Open.

San Bol
Albergue de San Bol: Open.

Juan de Yepes / Santa Brígida: Open.
El Puntido: Open.
Albergue Fuentes Sidres: Open.
Albergue de Hontanas: Open.

San Antón
San Antón: Open.

Albergue Orión: Open.
Camino de Santiago: Open.
Albergue Ultreia: Open from 19 March 2022.
Verge de Monserrat: Open.
A Cien Leguas: Open.
Casa Nostra: Open.
San Esteban: Open.
Albergue Rosalía: Open.

Itero del Castillo
Ermita de San Nicolás: Open.

Itero de la Vega
Puente Fitero: Open.
Albergue Municipal de Itero: Closed permanently.
La Mochila: Open, now Donativo.
Hogar del Peregrino: Open.

Boadilla del Camino
En El Camino: Open.
Albergue Juntos: Open.

Albergue de Frómista: Open.
Albergue Luz de Frómista: Open.
Estrella del Camino: Open.
Albergue Betania: Only open in winter.
Albergue Canal de Castilla: burned down early in 2019.

Población de Campos
La Finca: Open.
Albergue Municipal: Closed, may open in the summer.

Villarmentero de Campos
Albergue Amanecer: Open from 15 April 2022.

Villalcázar de Sirga
Orden de Malta: Closed, hope to open in 2022.
Albergue Tasca Don Camino: Open.

Carrión de los Condes
Convento de Santa Clara: Open.
Albergue Espíritu Santo: Open.
Parroquia de Santa María: Open.
Casa de Espiritualidad Nuestra Señora de Belén: Open.

Calzadilla de la Cueza
Albergue Municipal: Closed.
Camino Real: Open.

El Palomar: Open.
La Morena: Open.

Terradillos de Templarios
Los Templarios: Open.
Jaques de Molay: Open.

Albergue Moratinos: Open.
San Bruno: Open.

San Nicolás del Real Camino
Alberguería Laganares: Open.

Domus Viatoris: No answer.
Albergue Municipal de Peregrinos de Cluny: Open.
Albergue de la Santa Cruz: Open.
El Labriego: Closed.

Calzada del Coto
Albergue San Roque: Open.

Calzadilla de los Hermanillos
Albergue Vía Trajana: Open.
Albergue De San Bartolomé: Open.

Bercianos del Real Camino
Albergue La Perala: Open.
Bercianos 1900: Open.
Albergue Santa Clara: Open.
Albergue Parroquial de Bercianos: Closed.

El Burgo Ranero
Albergue Domenico Laffi: Open.
La Laguna: Closed.

La Cantina de Teddy: Open from April 2022.
Vive tu Camino: Open.
Albergue Gil: Closed.
Albergue Las Hadas: Open.
Albergue de Reliegos: Closed, hope to reopen in 2022.
Albergue La Parada: Closed.

Mansilla de las Mulas
El Jardín del Camino: Open.
Albergue Gaia: Open.
Albergue Municipal: Closed.

Puente Villarente
El Delfín Verde: Only private rooms.
Albergue San Pelayo: Open.

La Torre: Open.

Santo Tomás de Canterbury: Open.
Albergue Check In: Open.
Albergue Ademar / San Francisco de Asís: Open.
Albergue del Monasterio de las Benedictinas: Open.
Albergue Alda Pilgrim: Open.
Albergue Muralla Leonesa: Open.
Albergue León: Open.
Albergue Unamuno: Open.

La Virgen del Camino
Albergue Don Antonio y Doña Cinia: Closed.

Villadangos del Páramo
Albergue Municipal: Open.

San Martín del Camino
Albergue Vieira: Open.
Albergue Santa Ana: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos Junta Vecinal: Open.
La Casa Verde: Open from July 2022.

Oncina de la Valdoncina
El Pajar de Oncina: Open.

Villar de Mazarife
Albergue San Antonio de Pádua: Open.
Albergue de Jesús: Open.
Albergue Tio Pepe: Open.

Albergue Santa Lucía: Open. Tel 669 378 234

Hospital de Órbigo
Albergue La Encina: Open.
Albergue Parroquial: Open.
Casa de los Hidalgos: Open.
Albergue San Miguel: Open.
Albergue Verde: Open.

Villares de Órbigo
Albergue el Encanto: Open.
Albergue Villares de Órbigo: Open.

Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias
Albergue Camino Francés: Open.
Parish Albergue: Open.
Albergue l'Abilleiru: Open. Tel 615 269 057

Albergue de Peregrinos Siervas de María: Open.
Só Por Hoje: Open.
San Javier: Closed.
New in 2022, Albergue MyWay, on Calle San Marcos, tel 640 17 63 38.

Albergue de Peregrinos Ecce Homo: Closed, unsure if they will reopen.

Murias de Rechivaldo
Albergue de Murias de Rechivaldo: Open.
Albergue Casa las Águedas: Open from April 2022.
Albergue Municipal: Open.
Albergue Casa Flor: Open from April 2022.

Santa Catalina de Somoza
Albergue El Caminante: Open.
Albergue San Blas: Open.
New albergue: Private (12, donativo) La Bohème, to the right of the Camino, on calle el Pozo. Communal evening meal and breakfast (donativo). Kitchen. Yoga, meditation area. Run by a pilgrim from France. Tel 722 233 486

El Ganso
Albergue Gabino: Open.

Rabanal del Camino
Albergue La Senda: Open.
Albergue Municipal: Open.
Albergue Nuestra Señora del Pilar: Open.
Albergue Gaucelmo: Open from 1 April 2022.

Albergue El Convento: Open.
Albergue Monte Irago: Closed, for sale.
La Posada del Druida: Open.
Albergue La Cruz de Fierro: Closed. No opening date.
Albergue Parroquial Domus Dei: Open.

Refugio de Manjarín: Closed as an albergue although providing refreshments to passing pilgrims.

El Acebo
Albergue Mesón El Acebo: Open.
Albergue Parroquial Apóstol Santiago: Open.
La Casa del Peregrino: Only private rooms.

Riego de Ambrós
Albergue de Peregrinos: Open in April 2022.

Albergue Compostela: Opening at the start of April 2022
Albergue Señor Oso: Open.
Albergue Santa Marina: Open.
Albergue San Roque: Open.

Albergue Alea: Open.
Refugio de San Nicolás de Flüe: Open.
Albergue Guiana: Open.

San Blas: Closed, no opening date.

Albergue Naraya: Open.
La Medina: Open from April 2022.

Albergue La Gallega: Open.
El Molino: Open.
Albergue de Cacabelos: Closed.

Albergue El Serbal y la Luna: Open.

Valtuille de Arriba
La Biznaga: Open.

Villafranca del Bierzo
Albergue Municipal: Open.
Albergue Ave Fenix: Open.
Albergue el Castillo: Open.
Albergue Leo: Open.
Albergue La Yedra: Oprn.
Albergue Convento San Nicolás: Open.
Albergue de la Piedra: Open.

Albergue de Pereje: Closed.

Albergue Crispeta: Open.
Albergue Casa Susi: Closed due to an accident.
Albergue Parroquial: Open.
Albergue Camino y Leyenda: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Trabadelo: Closed.

La Portela de Valcarce
Albergue El Peregrino: Open.

Albergue Camynos: Closed, may open in summer 2022.
Casa del Pescador: Open from May 2022.
Albergue Das Ánimas: Closed.

Vega de Valcarce
Albergue do Brasil - El Roble: Closed.
Albergue La Magdalena: Changed owner. No reopening date.
Albergue de Vega de Valcarce: Closed.
El Paso: Open.

El Rincón de Pin: Closed, no opening date.
Pequeño Potala: Open.

Las Herrerías
Refugio Las Herrerías: Open.
Casa Lixa: Open.

La Faba
Albergue de la Faba: Open, their telephone is now 637 025 929.

Laguna de Castilla
Albergue la Escuela: Open.

O Cebreiro
Casa Campelo: Open.
Albergue do Cebreiro: Open.

Albergue Linar do Rei: Open from 21 March 2022.

Hospital da Condesa
Albergue de Hospital da Condesa: Open.

Alto do Poio
Albergue El Puerto: Open.

Albergue A Reboleira: Open.

Albergue Fillobal: Open.

Albergue de Triacastela: Open.
Albergue Lemos: Open.
Albergue A Horta de Abel: Open from April 2022.
Albergue Atrio: Open.
Albergue Oribio: Open.
Complexo Xacobeo: Open.
Albergue Aitzenea: Open.
Albergue Berce do Camiño: Open from 1 April 2022.

A Balsa
Albergue Ecológico El Beso: Open.

Refugio de Peregrinos de Calvor: Open.

San Cristovo do Real
Casa Grande de Lusío: Open.

Albergue del Monasterio de Samos: Open.
Albergue Tras do Convento: Open.
Albergue Val de Samos: Want to open but don't know when.

A Pedra: Open.
Albergue Oasis: Open.
Alma do Camiño: Open.
Albergue O Barullo: Open.
Albergue Credencial: Open.
Albergue Puente Ribeira: Open.
Albergue Casa Peltre: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos de Sarria: Open.
Albergue Mayor: Open.
Albergue O Durmiñento: Open.
Albergue Internacional: Closed.
Albergue Obradoiro: Open.
Los Blasones: Open.
Albergue Don Álvaro: Open.
Albergue Matías: Open.
Albergue dos Oito Marabedís: Closed.
Albergue San Lázaro: Open.
La Casona de Sarria: Open.
Albergue Monasterio de la Magdalena: Open.

Vilei - Barbadelo
Casa Barbadelo: Open.
108 to Santiago: Closed.
Albergue O Pombal: Open.
Albergue de Barbadelo: Open.
A Casa de Carmen: Closed.

Molino de Marzán
Albergue Molino de Marzán: will open in June 2022.

Albergue Casa Morgade: Open.

Casa Cruceiro: Open.
Albergue de Ferreiros: Open.

Albergue Rural de Mercadoiro: Open.

Casa Banderas: Open.
Albergue Vilacha: Open.

Albergue Casona da Ponte: Open.
Albergue Pons Minea: Open.
Albergue Ferramenteiro: Open.
Albergue Folgueira: Open.
Albergue Aqua: Open.
Albergue Pasiño a Pasiño: Open.
Albergue El Caminante: Open from Easter 2022.
Albergue Casa Cruz: Open.
Albergue Novo Porto: Open.
Albergue Porto Santiago: Open.
Albergue Ultreia: Open.
Albergue Villamartín: sent email.
Albergue de Portomarín: Open.
Albergue Manuel: Open.
Casa do Marabillas: Open.

Hostería de Gonzar: Open.
Casa García: Closed.
Albergue de Gonzar: Open.

Albergue Ortiz: Open.

Hospital da Cruz
Xunta hostel: Open.

Vendas de Narón
Casa Molar: Open.
O Cruceiro: Open.

Fuente del Peregrino: Open from May 2022.
Albergue Escuela de Ligonde: Open.

Airexe de Ligonde
Albergue de Ligonde: Open.

A Paso de Formiga: Open.

Palas de Rei
Os Chacotes / Pavíllon del Peregrino: Open.
Albergue-Mesón de Benito: Open.
Albergue Outeiro: Open.
Albergue San Marcos: Open.
Albergue Castro: Open.
Albergue Zendoira: Open.
Albergue de Peregrinos: Closed for renovation, due to reopen spring 2022.
Albergue Buen Camino: Open.
A Casiña di Marcello: Open.

Casa Domingo: Open.

Albergue de Casanova-Mato: Open.

Albergue Melide: Open.
Albergue Arraigos: Open.
Albergue O Cruceiro: Open.
Albergue Alfonso II: Open.
Albergue Vilela: Closed permanently.
Albergue San Antón: Open.
Albergue O Apalpador: Open.
Albergue de Melide: Open.
Albergue O Candil: Open, only groups.
Albergue Pereiro: Open.
Albergue Montoto: Open for groups with reservations, after July for individuals.

Albergue El Alemán: Open.
Albergue Boente: Open.
Albergue Fuente Saleta: Open.

Albergue Santiago: Open.

Albergue de Ribadiso da Baixo: Open.
Albergue Los Caminantes I: Open.
Albergue Milpés: Open.

O Albergue de Selmo: Open from Easter 2022.
Albergue Los Tres Abetos: Open.
Albergue Don Quijote: Open.
Albergue Santiago Apóstol: Open.
Albergue Ultreia: Open from March 2022.
Albergue De Camino: Open.
Albergue Turístico: Open.
Cruce de Camiños: Open.
Cima do Lugar: Open.
Casa del Peregrino: Open from April 2022.
Albergue de Arzúa: Open.
Albergue San Francisco: Open.
Albergue O Botafumeiro: Open.
Albergue O Santo: Closed.
Albergue Vía Lactea: Open.
Los Caminantes II: Open.
A Conda: Closed.
Albergue del Peregrino: Open.

Albergue Camiño das Ocas: Open.

As Quintas
Albergue Taberna Vella: Open.

Albergue Ponte de Ferreiros: Open.

Albergue Turístico Salceda: Open.
Albergue de Boni: Open.
Albergue Alborada: Open.

Santa Irene
Albergue Andaina: Open.
Albergue Santa Irene: Open.
Albergue de la Xunta en Santa Irene: Open.

A Rúa
Albergue Espíritu Xacobeo: Open.

O Pedrouzo / Arca do Pino
Albergue de Arca do Pino: Closed for a (badly needed) facelift.
Mirador de Pedrouzo: Open.
Albergue Edreira: Open.
Albergue O Trisquel: Open.
Albergue Porta de Santiago: Open.
Albergue O Burgo: Open.
Albergue Otero: Open.
Albergue REM: Open.
Albergue Cruceiro de Pedrouzo: Open.

A Esquipa / Lavacolla
Albergue Lavacolla: Open.

Monte do Gozo
Centro Europeo de Peregrinación: Open.
Albergue de Monte de Gozo: Open.
Monte de Gozo: Open.

San Lázaro
Residencia de Peregrino San Lázaro: Closed.
Fin del Camino: Open.
Albergue Santo Santiago: Opening mid-March 2022.
Albergue A Fonte de Compostela: 14€. Open.
Albergue Monterrey: Open.
Albergue Turistico la Credencial: Open.
Albergue SCQ: Open.
Albergue SIXTOs no Caminho: Open from 28 March 2022.

Santiago de Compostela
Albergue El Viejo Quijote: Now called Albergue Santos. Open.
Albergue Porta Real: Open.
Albergue La Estrella de Santiago: Closed.
Albergue Seminario Menor: Open.
O Fogar de Teodomiro: Open.
The Last Stamp / El Último Sello: Open.
Albergue Azabache: Open.
Los Franciscanos: Closed.
Albergue km 0: Open.
Albergue Mundoalbergue: Open.
Roots & Boots: Closed.
Albergue Blanco: Open.
Albergue Turístico La Salle: Open.
Albergue Meiga Backpackers: Open.
Albergue Basquiños 45: Closed.
La Estación: Open.
Albergue Compostela: Closed.

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