The Camino del Baztán

The Camino del Baztán starts at the Cathedral in Bayonne and winds its way over rolling hills into northern Navarra and the lushious Baztán valley until finally, following the valley of the river Ulzama, arrives in Pamplona where it joins the Camino Francés at Villava. This beautiful and little frequented Camino has in recent years developed a network of pilgrim hostels and other facilities which make it a gentle and relaxed way to start your Camino or a perfect five or six day hike for a week off work. Used since the middle-ages by pilgrims arriving on foot or by boat into Bayonne, the Camino del Baztán was popular because it offered an easier route to cross the formidable barrier of the Pyrenees into Spain.

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A pilgrim hostel has opened in Bayonne (I'll include details in the next edition).

The shop in Urdax has closed. If you need to stock up do so in Dantxarinea.

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